Ready. Fire. Aim. – forgetting alignment is a shame

These three words sum up the business model of many startups. Build a product [Ready], take it to market [Fire], and start looking for customers [Aim]. But what if the customers don’t materialize? Do we start over, revise our existing solution, or crash and burn?

ESB’s FREE Alignment Assessment Workshop is designed to address this issue.

The Alignment Assessment is the sales version of Lean management’s Build-Measure-Learn model. Using it, we identify customers and determine what will motivate them to buy our product – before writing a single line of code.

It’s the sale funnel up-side-down. Before wading through all the costs associated with selling to customers, find out who they are.

The Alignment Assessment workshop is designed to measure buyer interest in a product or service, long before it’s delivered. This approach can also be used to test new product ideas or to estimate the impact of a product pivot.

More often than not, rather than mocking-up an idea and thoroughly testing the market of potential buyers, we begin by coding. In the process of sharing and testing our concept, we need to protect our IP (Intellectual Property); but what’s worse than not protecting it is developing that IP and learning months later that you have no buyers.

In addition to determining the level of interest in our product, the approach outlined in this workshop enables us to learn important details that could affect the value of our product as well as our strategy for selling it. Where interest is high, we may find evaluators, prospects, partners, and even customers.

In short, consider this workshop a framework for validating the demand for your product, and a tool for identifying product gaps as well as opportunities.

ESB’s Alignment Workshop Template

[1] If you’re not familiar with this expression, the correct order is Ready, Aim, Fire. In any context, when we fire before we aim problems result.

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