Magic Messaging Night (update)

I think my original blog on Magic Messaging (Nov 22,  2019) was a bit difficult to follow, so I decided to rewrite it.

The premise for the Magic Messaging workshop is based on two factors: the distraction factor and the indifference factor.

The distraction factor. We live in a world where our ability to focus competes with the ever-growing mountain of content pushed at us. This mountain is a barrier that makes sharing new information difficult. Attention spans are limited, and getting people to pay attention isn’t easy.

The indifference factor. We bore in our tendency to write feature-filled messages, hoping with each new bullet to inform potential customers of that one last thing they can’t do without. But it doesn’t work. Readers rarely onboard our message. Eyeballs (and cursor) may roll over it but nothing registers in the visitor’s head.

We address the first issue by drastically and creatively reducing the size of our message. At the top of our homepage, if our words are too many (to be read in 0.5 seconds or ~2 blinks of the eye), it’s likely to be overlooked. Details are okay, but not as a starting point – whether on your website, in a presentation, or in a conversation. We want to crawl, then walk, run, and fly. The tendency to oversell our product or services is an attempt to fly before we crawl. Crashing is almost a certainty.

Addressing the second issue is more challenging and involves learning how to be provocative. Doing this consists of a process whereby statements are converted to questions, and then joined with words that are more likely to prompt action.

Short and creative is needed to break through the distraction factor; provocation is needed to invoke action. When we combine the two, we have magic messaging!

A study conducted in 2016 by Ohio State University with InsideSales (now Xant) provides evidence of both factors. After only 5 minutes our odds of connecting a new lead fall off the cliff, dropping 400%. The sales lead who filled in our contact form or just registered for a trial has the attention span of a firefly. This fact is only made worse by salespeople who think it is better to hold back an hour or two, or a day or a week. They say they don’t want to appear pushy; it’s a common rationalization and a bad one. After 5 minutes our lead is on its way to the graveyard. Within an hour it’s history.

The goal of the workshop is to help entrepreneurs, marketers, and salespeople to gain a better foothold on their core message, and to deliver it with impact.

Magic Messaging is about shortening, streamlining, provoking, and ultimately leading our prospect to become a customer.

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