Magic Messaging Night

We held the first Magic Messaging Night this week, and I was surprised by the turnout. Twenty tickets were available, but 24 attended! Is this an outlier or indicative of a real need to cut through the noise, to be heard, and to elicit action? I have scheduled a repeat for December. We’ll see if the interest continues. Register below. Magic Messaging Night

The premise for the Magic Messaging workshop is twofold. First, as shown in a 2016 study by Ohio State University with InsideSales (now Xant), after 5 minutes our new sales lead is on its way to being another dead one. Time and distraction quickly consume interest in our service. Second, feature-rich messages that don’t emote or provoke will, in theory, underperform those that do. Understanding these arguments is not hard, but addressing them in our communications is.

The goal of the workshop is to help entrepreneurs, marketers, and salespeople to gain a better foothold on their core message, and to deliver it with impact. 

We start by working through some exercises on the English language designed to make our communications more effective, i.e., shorter and easier to understand. We then jump into the behavioral sciences and look at biases as a gateway to emotions; chief among these is loss-aversion. From the perspective of loss-aversion and other biases, we then step through some methods that enable us to see our business differently. For example, rather than thinking about how a company (or person) might benefit from our solution, we consider instead what they would lose by going without it.

Shorten, streamline, provoke, and lead.

REGISTER for Magic Messaging Night. Wednesday, December 18 from 6 to 8 PM, at the HubHub, Kiraly utca 26.

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